Tonka Steel Classics, Bulldozer– Made with Steel and Sturdy Plastic, yellow friction powered toy construction truck, Ages 3+ boys and girls, kids, toddlers, Christmas birthday gifts

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From the manufacturer

Tonka Tough for 70+ Years

Tonka has been a favorite all over the world for decades. From one generation to the next, TONKA is the rite of passage playtime that carries meaning, creates memories and is built to withstand the toughest of play. Now more relevant than ever, Tonka inspires kids to put down their screens and get back to real play.

Steel Classics Bulldozer

Made with cold rolled STEEL, this sturdy Bulldozer is ready to demolish and clear away anything in its path! Move dirt, sand and gravel with the ARTICULATED blade and take control of any job site!

There's only 1 Tonka. Everything else is just a toy.

Tonka Steel Classics Bulldozer

Made BIG with Real STEEL

Designed to last, this steel bulldozer is 12.5" wide with a movable blade for realistic construction play.

'Clear the Way' Action

Authentic working tread and positionable front blade that can lock in the up or down position.

Tonka Tough for 70+ Years

Inspire kids to put down their screens and get back to real play.

Create the Mightiest Jobsite with Tonka Steel Classics

Steel Toughest Mighty

This deluxe version of the iconic Mighty Dump Truck is 20" wide, made with real steel and ready to load, dump and haul.

Steel Mighty Dump Truck

A rite-of-passage icon, this 17" wide truck is made with real steel, big tires that roll over anything and an articulated dump bed.

Steel Front Loader

With a real scooping bucket and articulated arm, this Front Loader is ready to take on the toughest of rocks, dirt, and sand.

Steel 4x4 Pick Up

Perfect for small hauls, take on dirt, sand, and gravel while using the workable front winch to hook and haul.

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