Tonka Steel Classics, Classic Front Loader– Made with Steel & Sturdy Plastic, Yellow Friction Powered, Big Construction Truck, Boys and Girls, Toddlers Ages 3+, Birthday Gift, Holiday

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  • Over 75 Years of Play: Tonka toys are proudly passed down through generations for over 75 years. Designed to foster imaginative play, Tonka is a trusted brand that connects generations of families and creates memories that last a lifetime.
  • Tonka Tough: Trust the Tonka name for high-quality toys that last. Get ready to take control of the ultimate construction machine! Constructed with steel and sturdy plastic the Yellow Tonka Front Loader's authentic feature allows the loader to move up and down, just like a real construction vehicle
  • Realistic Actions: Get ready to dig, scoop, and dump with the Yellow Tonka Front Loader's realistic scooping and dumping action. Designed with precision and attention to detail, this incredible feature allows you to load up, transport, and unload construction materials with ease. Watch in awe as your imagination comes to life with every scoop and dump!
  • There is only 1 Tonka: Tonka inspires kids to put down their screens and get back to real play. Tonka’s sturdy trucks inspire active, open-ended playtime for kids either outdoors or in, instead of passive, stationary screen time.
  • Made Big, 21.5” Wide: The Yellow Tonka Front Loader measures a massive 21.5" wide, giving you plenty of room for exciting construction adventures. You'll feel like a true construction pro as you navigate through challenging terrain and conquer any obstacles that come your way!

From the manufacturer

Tonka Tough for 70+ Years

Tonka has been a favorite all over the world for decades. From one generation to the next, TONKA is the rite of passage playtime that carries meaning, creates memories and is built to withstand the toughest of play. Now more relevant than ever, Tonka inspires kids to put down their screens and get back to real play.

Steel Classics Front Loader

Made with real STEEL and built to take on the mightiest jobs, aspiring builders can move the ARTICULATED front bucket up and down to transport dirt, rocks, or sand wherever they go.

There's only 1 Tonka. Everything else is just a toy.

Tonka Steel Classics Front Loader

Made BIG with Real STEEL

Designed to last, this steel front loader is 21.5” wide for realistic construction play.

Scooping & Dumping Action

Articulated scooping bucket and arm to raise and lower. Rotate the hinged chassis for steering.

Tonka Tough for 70+ Years

Inspire kids to put down their screens and get back to real play.

Create the Mightiest Jobsite with Tonka Steel Classics

Steel Toughest Mighty

This deluxe version of the iconic Mighty Dump Truck is 20" wide, made with real steel and ready to load, dump and haul.

Steel Mighty Dump Truck

A rite-of-passage icon, this 17" wide truck is made with real steel, big tires that roll over anything and an articulated dump bed.

Steel Bulldozer

Demolish and clear away anything in this Bulldozer's path - moving dirt or sand with the articulated workable blade.

Steel 4x4 Pick Up

Perfect for small hauls, take on dirt, sand, and gravel while using the workable front winch to hook and haul.

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